How to Submit a Show via Podcast Distribution Services

Podcast distribution is a crucial part of podcasting. Making your shows available on as many platforms as possible provides the best scopes to reach new listeners worldwide on every device. Every platform has a distinct procedure of submission. Hence, it can not be easy if you will do everything on your own. Therefore, it’s best to use podcast distribution services provided by a host like us.

Our podcast distribution center clears all confusion and makes it simple to submit your podcast in every directory, with quick, easy-to-use links for submission.

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How Does Podcast Distribution Method Work?

When you submit the RSS feed URL to a directory, it will check it and showcase each new episode as early as it is published. Furthermore, it will execute changes that you can make to the podcast. Although submission processes are different on every directory, there are a few things that stay true no matter where you will submit your podcast:

  •         Each directory utilizes the data from your RSS feed.
  •         You only require submitting the shows to directories.

How to Submit a Podcast to a Directory

Before submitting a podcast to different directories, you will require publishing at least one show episode. Many podcasters do this by a trailer submission for their shows. Then you can use it to submit to a directory for approval. And when the shows get approval, you can launch your first complete episode.

Furthermore, it helps share with your audience to excite your shows before officially releasing your podcasts.

Two types of podcast directories are as follows:

  1. Quick External Process – Click ‘Start Submission’ for submitting podcasts to these directories, and you will get automatic direction to these platforms to begin the external submission procedure.
  2. One-Click Submission – For submitting to these directories, click ‘Start Submission.’

To make it easier to submit a podcast to different directories, you can check these statuses given below to track the progress of the submission:

  1. Start Submission – If you haven’t yet submitted a podcast to a directory, you get to see this status.
  2. Awaiting Approval – When a podcast is in the procedure of getting approval from a directory.
  3. Podcast Approved – The status displays that your show has been approved and is now available on the platform.

Since some applications do not update podcast hosts while a show gets approval, your podcast may display ‘Pending Approval’ status in the Distribution section even after the show is live. You can clear this message by selecting the small Edit button and tapping ‘Complete Submission’ to approve the podcast manually in such a scenario.

Final Notes

So, this is how the whole podcast distribution process works. Now that you know how the podcast directories or hosts work for distributing podcasts, you can avail Mega Hit Pod’s podcast distribution services to distribute your shows on different platforms. Our creative podcast experts make sure to make your podcasts available on every platform so they can reach a broader range of listeners.

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