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How to Decide a Podcast Production Budget for the Year Ahead

A good podcast production needs wise planning. Suppose you decide on your podcast production budget for the upcoming year. In that case, you might be thinking about what things you should consider for producing a quality podcast that delivers the best results.

This blog will provide some info you require to start budget planning for your podcast effectively. It’s tough to plan when you have no idea. Hence, we have listed some questions you should answer to get a clear image of your expenses. Here we go:

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1. How Many Episodes Will You Make?

Deciding the length of your series is a crucial factor for your budget. It would help if you always adjusted the depth and length of your podcast series, your budget, and the results you desire to get.

Lengthy episodes can be an affordable solution in several cases – with smart production timetabling, and you can utilize the most of recording slots or a paid host or record in larger blocks. Hence, your entire expense will be more cost-effective per episode. Moreover, you can gain your audience’s trust and have more scopes to iterate depending on the information you are seeing.

2. What is Your Podcast’s Format?

A podcast’s format also affects the production budget effectively. A few formats are costlier to create than others. If you have no idea what types of format your podcast should take, hire a podcast production company to select a suitable format for you.

Sometimes it is more affordable to create podcasts that revolve around a dialog or include fewer speakers instead of a journalistic study or audio sources. In other words, if a podcast has more complex audio requirements, it can become more expensive.

Never compromise on having a monolog podcast if it does not meet your requirement. After all, you are producing it for achieving your business goals, whether it is developing brand awareness or increasing leads.

3. How Will You Create Your Podcast?

When you need to create a podcast, you can either make it alone or get the help of a production company for better results. If you want a budget-friendly option, purchase editing software and a mic, which could be affordable. But remember that better gear has better quality.

However, it would help if you had the technical know-how to use the equipment the best possible way. Without knowledge, you cannot use even the costliest equipment. Expertise always assures a professional and better result. Moreover, hiring a production company helps you get the best product.

Concluding Words

An essential part of budgeting is considering the results you can accomplish. So, feel free to contact us at Mega Hit Pod to know more about building your podcast production budget and how to make the balance between the business goals you want to accomplish and the expenses involved.

Do you want to learn more? At Mega Hit Pod, we create podcasts that help brands reach their target audiences. Get in touch to know how we can help your business!

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3 Key Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Podcast Agency

Podcasts are a fantastic way for businesses to reach their target clients without increasing their marketing budget much. They allow users to use content anywhere in the globe without spending money. Hence, podcasts serve as an excellent marketing method for businesses. Many companies don’t consider podcasts to be a cup of tea. However, to step ahead, you can always hire a full-service podcast agency to make everything convenient for you.

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What is a Full-Service Podcast Company?

A full-service podcast company helps in each step of conception, introducing, creating, and promoting its clients’ podcasts. The organization offers a detailed portfolio of services for their podcasting part of a marketing method.

Why Hire a Full-Service Podcast Company

Here are three fundamental reasons for hiring a full-service podcast organization:

1. Advantages from Expertise

Any business seeks to stand out in the market by boosting its visibility to the clients. And podcasts can help you in this matter. You must take this chance and hire a podcast company to reap the benefits of their skills.

Generally, businesses try hard when it comes to creating connections and discovering podcast hosts. A full-service agency has links in this field as they know the best hosts and the changing trends. Moreover, they can deliver a suitable pitch. Since these professionals have been in this field for a long time, they know what you are seeking. They can design a pitch that attracts your specific audience.

2. Time and Money-Saving

Handling a business on your own is challenging. Several things and operations occur every day; hence, owners don’t get time for anything else. Therefore, hiring a full-service podcast firm is the right decision to make.

Generally, podcasts are easy to produce. But if you don’t have knowledge and equipment, hiring an agency is the right decision to make. Also, it reduces the requirement of training your employees on podcasts as the companies can do it for you. Aside from this, the podcast firms can upload your podcasts on social hubs like YouTube, boosting its accessibility. So, it spares you time and money.

3. Improves Engagement

The number of podcast listeners has increased much this year. Hence, if you serve your audience with fun-filled and entertaining content, your business can attract them. Podcast companies know which content type is in demand for podcasts, what your audience prefers, and which topics draw the most listeners. They know everything.

Hence, hiring a full-service agency becomes essential, especially helping you in enhancing engagement. Furthermore, there are high possibilities that listeners will buy a product they hear about on your podcast. Although it’s a one-way communication channel, people still prefer this concept.

Wrapping Up

The unmatched perks of having podcasts and popularity are the reasons why businesses look forward to it. However, making results without skills appears challenging as experts know it well. Hence, hiring a full-service podcast agency like Mega Hit Pod is crucial for promoting your business. Contact us today to produce a podcast and enable it to boost the visibility of your business.

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Top 5 Tips for a Rewarding Corporate Podcast Production

Corporate podcast production has become a necessary marketing strategy, including email campaigns, video marketing, social media marketing, blogging, etc. Small businesses and big brands are reaping the benefits of podcasting, and this trend will remain for long.

However, not every corporate podcast will become successful. So, what can your company do to stand out from its competitors and make them renowned in the podcast industry? Take a look at these tips for producing a rewarding corporate podcast, adding value to the listener base, and enhancing brand awareness.

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How to Create a Corporate Podcast Successfully

Here are five valuable tips that discuss how you can produce a corporate podcast successfully:

1. Plan Wisely

Before you embark on your content production journey along with a podcast production company, make sure to align on a rock-solid strategy. It could mean collecting elements like podcast tone and theme or only having a brainstorming session with your team members.

2. Decide Your Budget

Although podcasting is an affordable channel, costs can increase fast if you outsource the work and invest in premium equipment. Before taking any initiative in producing a corporate podcast, make sure to confirm your budget with the organization and maintain a log of expenses from starting to abstain from misunderstandings.

A bigger budget gives more flexibility and freedom to help you attempt things with the podcast. And if you can invest more, make a list of what and how to do precisely.

3. Hire the Right Podcast Production Company

If you don’t have your internal team for the podcast creation, you can outsource the service from a company to create the show. It could help you if you hire a full-service podcast company to work for you on scripting, episode planning, and social promotion. Whatever your requirements are, ensure to hire a reliable company with many years of experience in delivering vital work to clients.

4. Stay Updated

While creating the whole episode plans and podcast theme, think about making shows on current events occurring in the world. Staying updated about your industry is essential when it comes to podcast creation. After all, your corporate podcast must be exceptional. You may need to spend some time seeing what your competitors are doing to understand the present market.

5. Decide Your Specific Listener Profile

While strategizing content, remember that you must customize your content to reach your target audience. And finally, convert listeners to clients. You may not want to risk dividing some groups as listeners, but deciding your specific listener profile can be an enriching act as you and the companies go through the content production procedure.

You cannot have details with this profile that incorporate their level of education, age, interests, regular habits, gender, etc. It helps you discover your actual listeners and understand their reactions to your content.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you have done with the corporate podcast production, it’s time to focus on podcast marketing. Hire Mega Hit Pod to promote your podcasts on several platforms and channels.

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What to Ask a Creative Podcast Production Company before Hiring Them

While podcasting may appear like an individual interest, it takes a lot to create one solid episode. Behind an excellent show, sometimes there is an entire team of creative podcast production experts, incorporating producers, writers, technicians, and sound designers using their expertise and skills.

For podcasters, the entire appeal of beginning a show is receiving an opportunity to be creative, inquire guests, and spread their special message to a dedicated listener base. But alongside these perks, the procedure of podcasting brings many technical, mundane, or simply boring jobs that may make podcasting feel like a hassle.

Here, a podcasting company can help you by taking off some of your burdens while making the process less time-consuming and stress-free so you can let your creativity shine and concentrate on the fun parts. Whether you are starting a podcast for personal or business purposes, you won’t regret hiring the right agency as a supportive partner.

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Questions to Ask a Podcast Production Agency

Before working with a company, you must ensure it is the right fit for all you need. But how will you know if a company is right for your podcasting? It would help if you asked lots of questions to decide that.

Here are a few questions that you must ask a podcast company before starting working with them:

1. What Services Do You Provide?

Before hiring a company for podcast creation, ensure to have complete knowledge about their services. Never make any assumptions about their services. A few services that a podcasting firm offers are:

  •         Planning, figuring out and visualizing ideas for podcasts or their episodes
  •         Originating and managing guests for interviews
  •         Studying, writing, and editing scripts
  •         Creating and generating episodes
  •         Mixing sound, editing, and designing
  •         Promoting through web content and social platforms
  •         Assessing and figuring out backend data

2. Which People Make Up Your Team?

A company is good because of the people who make up the team. Feel free to enquire about the team size, its titles and roles, and every member’s career background. You can check their LinkedIn profiles to know their skills, experience, expertise, etc. Before working with a team, you need to create solid trust and communications. So, you can even meet the team before hiring them.

3. Who Are Your Present and Previous Clients?

Checking a company’s client base will help you know their work quality, specialization, and service level you can expect from them. If they work with some reputable brands, it’s a good sign. If they don’t want to share their client lists, it could be risky to choose the agency.

4. How Much Do You Charge?

The pricing of agencies varies based on the scale and size of the companies. Whether you want to work with them seldom or on a huge campaign, you need to ensure you will get a solid ROI. Hence, make sure to check and compare prices before hiring.

So, if you want to explore the services of a creative podcast production agency, contact Mega Hit Pod today.

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How to Submit a Show via Podcast Distribution Services

Podcast distribution is a crucial part of podcasting. Making your shows available on as many platforms as possible provides the best scopes to reach new listeners worldwide on every device. Every platform has a distinct procedure of submission. Hence, it can not be easy if you will do everything on your own. Therefore, it’s best to use podcast distribution services provided by a host like us.

Our podcast distribution center clears all confusion and makes it simple to submit your podcast in every directory, with quick, easy-to-use links for submission.

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How Does Podcast Distribution Method Work?

When you submit the RSS feed URL to a directory, it will check it and showcase each new episode as early as it is published. Furthermore, it will execute changes that you can make to the podcast. Although submission processes are different on every directory, there are a few things that stay true no matter where you will submit your podcast:

  •         Each directory utilizes the data from your RSS feed.
  •         You only require submitting the shows to directories.

How to Submit a Podcast to a Directory

Before submitting a podcast to different directories, you will require publishing at least one show episode. Many podcasters do this by a trailer submission for their shows. Then you can use it to submit to a directory for approval. And when the shows get approval, you can launch your first complete episode.

Furthermore, it helps share with your audience to excite your shows before officially releasing your podcasts.

Two types of podcast directories are as follows:

  1. Quick External Process – Click ‘Start Submission’ for submitting podcasts to these directories, and you will get automatic direction to these platforms to begin the external submission procedure.
  2. One-Click Submission – For submitting to these directories, click ‘Start Submission.’

To make it easier to submit a podcast to different directories, you can check these statuses given below to track the progress of the submission:

  1. Start Submission – If you haven’t yet submitted a podcast to a directory, you get to see this status.
  2. Awaiting Approval – When a podcast is in the procedure of getting approval from a directory.
  3. Podcast Approved – The status displays that your show has been approved and is now available on the platform.

Since some applications do not update podcast hosts while a show gets approval, your podcast may display ‘Pending Approval’ status in the Distribution section even after the show is live. You can clear this message by selecting the small Edit button and tapping ‘Complete Submission’ to approve the podcast manually in such a scenario.

Final Notes

So, this is how the whole podcast distribution process works. Now that you know how the podcast directories or hosts work for distributing podcasts, you can avail Mega Hit Pod’s podcast distribution services to distribute your shows on different platforms. Our creative podcast experts make sure to make your podcasts available on every platform so they can reach a broader range of listeners.

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Four Ways Podcast Recording Services Will Develop Your Business

These days, the podcast is one of the most efficient tools for profitable business marketing. Podcasting was earlier a platform for experimental comedy and niche hobbies. But now, it has proven to support meaningful business development as a result of comparatively little effort. Hence, this is the best time to stand apart from your competitors with the help of podcast recording services.


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How Podcast Recording Helps Grow a Business

How does podcasting help you develop a business and accomplish its objectives? Let’s delve into the impacts a new podcast recording will have on your profit!

1. Widen Your Audience

If you are a blogger or vlogger, but your efforts constantly fail, podcast recording could help you. Since many people use podcasts from their smartphone devices, they effectively reach a broader audience. People can listen to your podcasts even when they are outside. Hence, podcasts slot in hustle-bustle makes it easier to grab your audience’s attention.

Moreover, sharing your podcasts across social channels and your website for impactful podcast marketing makes sure to increase the scope to develop your audience.

2. Connect to Your Clients

It’s great to have a massive audience for your business. But clients are your final goals. Podcast production gives you a scope to teach your listener, share your skills, and add value to their lives. Listeners who believe they are getting an extra deal from your business will become promising clients.

By connecting with your listeners, you can get to know them and make them trust you. Moreover, you can get in touch with your current clients, enhancing brand loyalty.

3. Networking Scopes

Recording a business podcast is a great scope to create new and long-term relationships with individuals in your field and beyond. If you invite those persons onto a podcast, especially when they want to promote something, you can have the proper conversation beneficial for all your listeners.

As a result, you will get invitations for appearing on other blogs or podcasts. It allows promoting your podcasts and increasing brand awareness, alongside earning some new promising clients.

4. Monetization

As podcasts grab the attention of new listeners who become new customers, they will start to pay for themselves. And that is without considering the profit you can achieve by monetizing your podcasts. Generally, podcast providers can earn money via affiliate marketing and advertising. When your listenership reaches a specific level, you can grab the attention of businesses and brands that can pay you for mentioning their services or products.


While producing podcasts, you should most importantly consider that they will be your brand’s representations. Hence, with the help of a professional podcast recording studio, you can be sure to have sound professional and slick that is crucial to earn listeners’ trust and attract them.

Professional podcast recording can take the load when it comes to creating high-quality content to reflect your business values. Mega Hit Pod is there to help you in your podcast recording. Connect with our expert team for more info on our podcast recording services.

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How to Make Money Directly through Podcasts: Tips from a Podcast Marketing Agency

Podcast marketing is an essential tactic that you have to remember before launching your business. Most importantly, you need to produce unique and impressive content to grow your audience. And you can do this by applying a podcast marketing strategy. Many ways can promote your podcast, but you can take this burden off by hiring a podcast marketing agency.

Podcasting tactics these days fall into the direct monetization category. You can benefit from producing original content, reusing it, and considering unlimited access to paying members. There is an indirect podcast monetization tactic also when you utilize your podcast as a tool for selling other things.

No matter which strategy you follow, maintain a balance between strategies to make money through podcasting.

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Strategies to Monetize a Podcast Directly

Explore the strategies to monetize a podcast directly:

1. Make Paid Membership Tiers

Making paid membership tiers is the most recent trend in podcasting. Your listeners can pay for accessing private Facebook groups, unique content, or podcasts.

2. Enter an Advertising Network

Advertising networks function as a middleman between sponsors and hosts. And when you apply to a platform, it will deduct from the ad placements incorporated in your show. Hence, make sure to read the fine print.

3. Sell Ads or Sponsorships

Sponsorship is the most standard way of monetizing a podcast. It is easier because you don’t need to sell or produce anything. You need to make a deal with a sponsor. Sponsors pay more based on the number of your show’s listeners. Hence your revenue increases with the increase in the number of listeners.

4. Sell Premium Versions of Your Content

Since your audience prefers listening to your podcast, there is a possibility some of them can pay for your premium episodes. It would help if you produced some notable recordings that are available for buy. You might sell:

  •         Live-streamed episodes
  •         Ad-free episodes
  •         Early access to premium episodes that can be free for a day
  •         Q&As with special guests

5. Publish Your Podcasts to YouTube

A standard way to make some cash out of your podcasts is by syndicating your shows to YouTube as videos. It’s a fast procedure. You need to enable monetization in your YouTube account settings, and Google will deal with the money distribution and ad placement.

You don’t need to do lots of video editing. Add one image to an episode recording. Also, consider following SEO practices to make your videos visible in more search results. How much can you earn through YouTube? It depends on some factors like how long people watch your videos, the number of video views, whether viewers click on your ads, and whether they skip your ads.


A podcast marketing agency like Mega Hit Pod can help you achieve a lot, either as a business owner or a podcaster. By hiring our services, you can save yourself lots of effort and time, and possibly, you can grow your show quickly. If you have any questions about our services, drop us an email or call us, and we will happily respond!

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Hire a Podcast Production Company for an Effective Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is a narration about your brand that helps connect with your target audience and encourages a favorable emotional response. It’s an art form that can either break or make a company successful. Although some brands make it simple through creative thoughts and solid planning, some need to hire a podcast production company for impactful brand storytelling.

Podcasting gives brands a highly impactful channel to tell their story, spread their messages, and turn listeners to clients. With appropriate accessibility and flexibility, podcasts provide great scope for individuals and organizations to communicate with their target audience from virtually every background.

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How Podcasts Helps in Brand Storytelling

Podcasting is an excellent medium for brand storytelling because it enables content longer in duration than a social media or blog post. Moreover, it is one of the most feasible ways to consume content as people can listen while cleaning their homes, walking, or driving. Compared to blogs and videos, podcasts have a better consumption rate.

In short, podcasts are one of the best choices for brands to tell their stories and connect with the audience. Several ways are to go about podcasting, making forming a podcast a fun, creative marketing strategy a production company can make with their team.

Without further discussion, let’s have a look at the tips for sharing stories of your brand through podcasting:

1. Experiment with Different Formats

Since podcasting channels give you a lot of creative freedom, sometimes it creates confusion when choosing only one format. While starting with a branded podcast, explore various forms to find the best one for your brand.

Here are the basic podcast formats to go for:

·         Q&A guest interviews

·         Documentary style

·         Panel discussions

·         Solo episodes

·         Repurposed content from panel discussions or conferences

·         Conversational

·         Investigation

Alongside choosing the proper podcast format, ensure to use all available resources like sound effects, music, and editing software. These tools help make an engaging story about your brand.

2. Feature the Dedicated People of Your Company

Whether an executive of your company hosts your organization’s podcast or a professional actor or personality does the same, you need to feature your company’s passionate and dedicated people. It helps connect with your audience and showcase the encouraging story about your company.

Based on your company’s industry, make sure to feature the people who are on the frontlines doing the most critical activities. If B2B sales are your target, consider welcoming new sales prospects or leads onto your podcast to make relationships. It gives exciting episodes and helps you establish your organization’s network, grow sales, and complete primary relationships stronger.


While hiring a podcast production company for brand storytelling, ensure authenticity to you and your company’s vision and mission. A podcasting company equips you better to create engaging, thought-provoking episodes that tell your brand’s story compellingly and efficiently. If you need to create podcasts for sharing your brand’s story, contact us at Mega Hit Pod and let us make the best podcasts for your business.